Insurtech expo

Did you know that Des Moines is home to not only one, but two InsurTech-focused accelerator programs? We’d like to thank BrokerTech Ventures and the Global Insurance Accelerator, whose collaboration brought us a fantastic lineup of startup companies for the InsurTech Expo during the 2021 Global Insurance Symposium! The 2021 InsurTech Expo was sponsored by Dentons Davis Brown.

We hope 2021 attendees enjoyed learning more about the following innovative companies:


altumAI is redefining workers’ comp with software and apps that improve the underwriting and loss ratios through technology that predicts and avoids risk at the individual worker level and across the entire enterprise.

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Anodz helps insurance providers aggregate and blend their business & workforce data to drive profitability, minimize risk and improve performance across the organization using our B2B, SaaS Enterprise Intelligence platform.


Caregiven is a white-labeled digital caregiver and beneficiary engagement platform that enables providers to offer real time, curated guidance to individuals and families managing care for an aging or ailing loved-one. Utilizing an intuitive, mobile software to integrate needed care and support services into a single Smartphone application, Caregiven underscores the value of their provider relationship.

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ChalkBites is a corporate training solution to reduce the risk of property and casualty claims and increase the productivity of employees, doing all of this at a lower cost that current training methods. Utilizing new shared virtual reality tools and simulators, common workplace safety and training opportunities are created to assist employers.


CogniSure reimagines insurance with Cognitive AI(ML/NLP), Customer 360 for Powerful insights on coverage gaps, loss, submission insights from unstructured data.

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DenScore is an AI-powered healthcare navigation solution that transforms the dental benefits experience for employers and their employees. DenScore's platform provides concierge services which enables employers to leverage the most value-driven dentists in their insurance network so more employees receive high quality, personalized and affordable dental care.


API-delivered insight and real-time data enrichment on every applicant or policyholder, improving customer acquisition and optimizing post-sale engagement.

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goldfinch health

No business leader likes it when suboptimal surgery sidelines a key employee for an extended period and/or causes healthcare budget overruns that increase next year's insurance renewal rates. Goldfinch Health delivers a new surgery benefit that works with your existing network to help ensure your people never receive a suboptimal surgery. The results - your people get back to  work and life in half the time and you prevent high-cost surgery from breaking the budget this year and next.


Jayde enables entrepreneurs to insure their entire business in one simple transaction through a digital-direct platform.

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MākuSafe® is an award-winning safety, data & analytics solution aimed at improving worker health, safety, and productivity while reducing incidents and mitigating workplace hazards and risk exposures.

malum terminus

Via existing surveillance, IntelliSee autonomously detects threats in real-time. We also help U.S. special forces mitigate musculoskeletal injury (MSK-I).

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Pilotbird empowers life and health carriers with innovative lifestyle analytics. It leverages social data points to improve underwriting accuracy for ancillary group products and to reduce claims fraud leakage.


Rainwalk is a pet insurance MGA partnered with Allianz. We help agencies and insurers build customer retention and fill this coverage gap by providing them a turn-key embeddable pet insurance product. Our platform allows our partners to control the user/agent experience and deliver this increasingly popular product without needing to implement a pet insurance program themselves.

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Reeske logo

Reeske is a digital insurance distributor that simplifies income protection solutions (life and disability insurance) for middle-market customers via data analytics, transforming insurance purchase and ownership experience by helping people get the right coverage at the right time and stay covered, all the time.


Socialeads identifies real life events within one's own social network to generate high quality leads for financial services professionals using AI/ML.

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Sola is an MGA offering a data-driven supplemental insurance plan which covers immediate out-of-pocket expenses for homeowners following losses from catastrophic disasters, such as tornadoes.

solar insure

Solar Insure provides protection plans to homeowners who install solar energy. Our insurance-backed solution provides consumers additional peace of mind as they transition to renewables.

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TrustLayer is an intuitive, automated Insurance and Document Compliance Platform that insureds can use to mitigate business risks by ensuring all stakeholders maintain compliance and verify insurance documents before performing or continuing to perform any services.