InsurTech Expo

This year, there will be multiple InsurTech-focused accelerator programs involved in this event. Check back for more information on the startup companies who will be present at the 2023 Global Insurance Symposium InsurTech Expo!

Global Insurance Accelerator

ReBLDing simplifies property claim repairs by providing a trusted platform that streamlines and safeguards the entire process.

Platform built for fast and accurate underwriting through medical record summarization and automated decision making.

ReFocus AI 
ReFocus AI is an account servicing platform that pinpoints which policyholders are most likely to leave and why at their expiration date with 90 percent accuracy up to six months before the renewal date. The machine learning platform automates attrition detection for small and mid-sized personal and commercial Property & Casualty accounts. On average, ReFocus clients have increased policyholder retention by 20-25 percent.

Lightship Neuroscience 
Lightship Neuroscience is translating the latest brain research into safety-driven technologies designed for real-world improvements across the field of transportation.

SOFT EDGE are innovative tools that use augmented reality and computer vision to precisely detect and measure the damaged area with dents left on a car by hail. 

Invive is an AI-driven startup that uses the science of aging to help life insurers improve their underwriting and strengthen their customer engagement. Using existing biomarker data collected from the life insurance application, our biological age model works within existing underwriting guidelines to improve the accuracy of risk assessment. 

Amelio Health
Amelio Health uses smart analytics-driven insights from our learning management system, wearable data, and live health coaching to drive better outcomes for those on claim with chronic pain.