InsurTech Expo

This year, there will be multiple InsurTech-focused accelerator programs involved in this event. See below for more information on the startup companies who will be present at the 2023 Global Insurance Symposium InsurTech Expo! The 2023 InsurTech Expo is sponsored by Dentons.


Global Insurance Accelerator

ReBLDing simplifies property claim repairs by providing a trusted platform that streamlines and safeguards the entire process.

Platform built for fast and accurate underwriting through medical record summarization and automated decision making.

ReFocus AI 
ReFocus AI is an account servicing platform that pinpoints which policyholders are most likely to leave and why at their expiration date with 90 percent accuracy up to six months before the renewal date. The machine learning platform automates attrition detection for small and mid-sized personal and commercial Property & Casualty accounts. On average, ReFocus clients have increased policyholder retention by 20-25 percent.

Lightship Neuroscience 
Lightship Neuroscience is translating the latest brain research into safety-driven technologies designed for real-world improvements across the field of transportation.

SOFT EDGE are innovative tools that use augmented reality and computer vision to precisely detect and measure the damaged area with dents left on a car by hail. 

Invive is an AI-driven startup that uses the science of aging to help life insurers improve their underwriting and strengthen their customer engagement. Using existing biomarker data collected from the life insurance application, our biological age model works within existing underwriting guidelines to improve the accuracy of risk assessment. 

Amelio Health
Amelio Health uses smart analytics-driven insights from our learning management system, wearable data, and live health coaching to drive better outcomes for those on claim with chronic pain.

For carriers that look to effectively compete in life, disability and workers comp, Pilotbird provides lifestyle data analytics to detect ineligible claims and accurately underwrite group policies.

Thumbscore is a cross-sales channel for financial products and services. We offer users a 90-second assessment, give them a financial health diagnostic, and provide contextualized exercises and education to improve their financial health. Thumbscore then re-engages users by leveraging behavioral science to effectively nudge users to improve their financial behaviors and purchase partner financial products and services.

FindBob is an Enterprise Transition Management Platform that is helping some of the world's largest financial institutions predict and prevent attrition due to lack of continuity and succession planning in their distribution network. FindBob encourages better transition behavior within the home office and between agency owners and advisors in-network so enterprises can protect their most precious asset: their Book of Business.

BrokerTech Ventures

The CogniSure AI platform is a leading SaaS provider custom built by insurance professionals to deliver best-in-class data extraction and analytics to insurance carriers, brokers, and MGAs. CogniSure’s deep learning algorithms provide actionable insights from unstructured data buried deep in insurance documents such as submissions, loss runs, policies, and schedules. CogniSure goes beyond data extraction and provides unrivaled analytics to address the complexity of unstructured insurance document processing, creating new growth opportunities, reducing risks, and saving valuable resources and time.

IntelliSee provides “smarter surveillance for a safer world” to organizations using closed-circuit camera systems (CCTV) within their physical security and safety operations. By seamlessly integrating into live video surveillance feeds, IntelliSee’s system provides autonomous 24/7/365 monitoring to detect risks ranging from the common but expensive slip-and-fall situation (including the presence of clear liquids) to the potentially catastrophic presence of a drawn weapon and a growing list of risks in between. Once detected, real-time alerts provide people and systems the situational awareness needed to act. IntelliSee has already prevented numerous trespassing, thefts, falls, and other emergencies and recently earned the National Systems Contractor Association’s ( “Most Innovative 2022 New Product” award. Learn more at

MākuSafe's wearable technology gathers predictive data to prevent work comp claims before they happen! While aimed at strain and exertion risk, slip/trip/falls, preventing MSD's, industrial hygieneand environmental hazards, and proactive data-driven safety management for policyholders, MakuSafe also enables more effective loss control, risk management, and underwriting for insurers.

Mod Advisor
Mod Advisor was founded with one principle: simplify work comp. Increasing customer expectations are demanding the industry innovate and create better digital experiences while reducing costs. By integrating the work comp ecosystem and shifting Experience Mod Analysis to real time, insights are created that have never before existed. Mod Advisor is creating new efficiencies between the policy holder, broker, and carrier by automating claim intake, premium audit services, quoting, and analysis.

Page Dip
Pagedip enables insurance carriers and brokers to modernize document production and distribution to measurably improve business outcomes. By simplifying creation, driving engagement, and adding reader insights, it allows users to track RFPs and proposals with such granular detail that brokers and agents can follow up with laser precision on what interests or confuses customers.

Transharpe Solutions
Transharpe is a leading transportation insurance technology partner with the mission to “Make Insurance Easy with Leading Technology Solutions.” Their flagship product FleetVIMS is a web-based software platform that streamlines vehicle, driver, and insurance management from a centralized source. FleetVIMS is for insurance carriers, wholesalers, MGAs, insurance agencies, and motor carriers. The Transharpe team is composed of experienced transportation insurance professionals that understand the industry and areas for improvement at a fundamental level.

InsurTech New York

Amplify is democratizing access to building wealth through life insurance. We have built the first digital distribution experience to bring cash-value life insurance products to new segments of consumers. We believe securing our future, protecting our families, and growing our wealth should be a transparent and inclusive opportunity for everyone.

Indemn is a conversational insurance platform designed to facilitate modern digital customer interactions for insurance providers. By employing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and a business rules engine built for insurance, Indemn successfully transitions traditional distribution methods, such as PDFs, webforms, and call centers, into a user driven, continuously improving language model.

Stream lowers the cost of handling claims through AI-enabled automation. We save adjusters time and help close claims 12% faster.
Stream monitors claims for critical medical information, retrieves missing and recently updated medicals, structures historically unstructured PDF data, and creates automation to streamline the manual work of claims adjusters. We just completed a POC with a top 3 TPA and had excellent results delivering critical, structured medical data to adjusters to help them save more than 20 minutes per medical interaction!
We’re a Y Combinator-backed seed stage startup. Eric (CEO) is a Liberty Mutual WC adjuster turned entrepreneur and Eilam (CTO) has extensive experience building automation technology in insurance.

EY Growth Lab

Fize’s products enable businesses to request insurance data over a reliable, secure network while utilizing our ready-to-use code snippets for fast integrations.

Indico Data
Confidently automate document intake and accelerate your workflows. Increase capacity and drive top line revenue. Empower SMEs to make faster, more accurate decisions with Indico Data.